Rooftop Parking Reservations



December 2018

For trips beginning between Saturday 12/22 through Wednesday 12/26, VSP will not be accepting FREE Reservations for the Outside Rooftop Parking area.  On these days our Outside Rooftop Parking will be available on a first come first serve basis for drive up customers based on availability.  Typically this area remains limited through Wednesday 12/26.

FREE Outside Surface Parking reservations will be allowed for all days except Tuesday 12/25 and Wednesday 12/26.  Please click on the Surface Parking Reservation link to make a reservation.

FREE Inside Covered Parking reservations will be accepted every day during the Christmas Holiday period.  Please click on the Covered Parking Reservations link to make a reservation

You may also click the Pre-Pay & Reserve link to make a Pre-Paid Covered parking reservation.  Rates on "Pre-Pay & Reserve" vary depending on length of stay and traveling dates.

Please Note: On the Date of Arrival calendar, "non shaded" or "white" colored days are peak travel days and Holidays, and cannot be selected.  FREE reservations are not available and will not be accepted for cars incoming on these particular days.

To guarantee a reservation/parking spot during these days,  you may go to "Pre Pay and Reserve" link to pay in advance and reserve your parking spot during these peak travel times.



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